Religion in the Public Schools:
A Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits and Respecting Parents’ Legal Rights

  • Is school prayer ever permissible?
  • Can a teacher teach about religion in history class?
  • Does creationism belong in a science course?
  • Do students have to learn about things that are against their religion?

Questions about the proper role of religion in public education continue to reverberate across the nation. With our country becoming increasingly diverse, it’s important that educators, principals, superintendents, school board members, parents and students understand what public schools can and cannot do when it comes to religion.

Religion in the Public Schools: A Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits and Respecting Parents’ Legal Rights is designed to help. This handy 129-page book, written by Associate Professor of Law Anne Marie Lofaso of West Virginia University, examines what the courts have said about many religion-in-school controversies and provides clear, concise answers to common questions. Fully referenced and footnoted, Religion in the Public Schools is the perfect guide for anyone seeking to better navigate the intersection between religion and public education.

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Praise for Religion in the Public Schools

"As a former board President and current school board member, I appreciate the work that went into this practical and clearly-written guide to balancing the need to protect religious liberty with that for avoiding government endorsement of religious viewpoints. The result should be fewer lawsuits."
- David Schleicher (Waco, Texas)

"This book should be on the desk of every public school teacher, principal, and school board member. Even people who consider themselves well-informed about the First Amendment’s application to public schools will learn new things from it. One can only imagine the lawsuits that might not have been filed had such a book been available decades ago."
- Barbara Forrest, coauthor of Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design

"Religion in the Public Schools effectively explains the ins and outs of how religion should be handled in the school setting. A must-read for parents and educators alike!"
- Tammy Kitzmiller, lead plaintiff in the Dover, Pa., "intelligent design" lawsuit